Episode 45 – Captain Kahn vs Donald Trump

We start out by talking about the Kahn family, and Donald Trump.  Then we go into the 11 stupidest things Donald Trump has ever said (don’t worry… we’ll get to Hillary Clinton next week). From there, we just moved on to wherever the mood desired.

After the live portion was over, we continued to talk about different things, including why the DCCU sucks, can it be fixed, and is Marvel eventually going to screw up.

Episode 38 – Mr. P 2016!

That’s right… with it looking like its going to be a Clinton/Trump presidential election… Mr. P announces he can’t wait until 2020. We are going to mount a write in campaign for THIS year. We talk about a few things before that… but the last half of the show are about positions and stuff.

Feel free to hit us up at RadioFUBAR on twitter… or RadioFUBAR on facebook, and ask questions for us to answer about my positions on things.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Episode 37 – The Proper One

Sorry everyone… I screwed up and posted another podcast I do (Uniformed Opinions) here, instead of RadioFUBAR.  It’s a good show… you should check it out as well. 🙂

This week Matt, Pete and Mr. P talked about:

  • Mr. P’s new student quitting
  • Matt starts a crapstorm on facebook
  • All of the current Presidential candidates suck
  • Mr. P 2020

Yup… you read that last part right… Mr. P announces his candidacy for the Presidential election in 2020.

Episode 30 – More Politics

We actually try to fix the government in this episode. We apologize if you don’t like political stuff.  We’ll finish with in in November 🙂

Either that, or we’ll start a new podcast just about politics. Haven’t decided yet.