Episode 42 – More Catching Up

Just a little more house cleaning. This episode is from July 16th, 2016.

We talked about:

  • Pokemon Go;
  • Restarting the Radio Station;
  • Old bits from RadioFUBAR, The Station, Days;
  • Unfit For FM;
  • Ghostbusters sucks, but we can’t say it sucks;
  • Spaceballs 2;
  • History of the World, Part 2;
  • Monty Python

Episode 31 – March Game on Girl

That’s right, our monthly visit from the girls of Game on Girl. Regina was actually able to visit this month.

We talked about Deadpool and the New Ghostbusters Trailer, as well as a few other things.

Episode 30 – More Politics

We actually try to fix the government in this episode. We apologize if you don’t like political stuff.  We’ll finish with in in November 🙂

Either that, or we’ll start a new podcast just about politics. Haven’t decided yet.

MovieFUBAR Episode 7 – A League of Their Own

Continuing on with our spring training baseball theme, next up for your MovieFUBAR Experience is “A League of Their Own”

Don’t forget… opening day morning we will release our MovieFUBAR episode of “This Old Cub”

MovieFUBAR Episode 6 – Major League

Celebrating the start of baseball season, we decided for the entirety of spring training, we’re going to do ALL baseball movies, ending with “This Old Cub” the morning of opening day. (yes… we ARE Cub fans… die hard and true blue)

Today’s movie is, in our opinion, the greatest baseball comedy ever made, Major League.