Episode 37 – The Proper One

Sorry everyone… I screwed up and posted another podcast I do (Uniformed Opinions) here, instead of RadioFUBAR.  It’s a good show… you should check it out as well. 🙂

This week Matt, Pete and Mr. P talked about:

  • Mr. P’s new student quitting
  • Matt starts a crapstorm on facebook
  • All of the current Presidential candidates suck
  • Mr. P 2020

Yup… you read that last part right… Mr. P announces his candidacy for the Presidential election in 2020.

Episode 30 – More Politics

We actually try to fix the government in this episode. We apologize if you don’t like political stuff.  We’ll finish with in in November 🙂

Either that, or we’ll start a new podcast just about politics. Haven’t decided yet.