Episode 43 – Top Secret, SPP

The information on this podcast is classified Top Secret, Special Poscast Program by the Federal Bureau of Podcasts.

Only those persons authorized by the F.B.P. may listen to this podcast.

Listening to this podcast by unauthorized persons is punishable by having actually listened to this podcast.

Episode 42 – More Catching Up

Just a little more house cleaning. This episode is from July 16th, 2016.

We talked about:

  • Pokemon Go;
  • Restarting the Radio Station;
  • Old bits from RadioFUBAR, The Station, Days;
  • Unfit For FM;
  • Ghostbusters sucks, but we can’t say it sucks;
  • Spaceballs 2;
  • History of the World, Part 2;
  • Monty Python

Episode 41 – Doing some catching up

Just doing a little catching up on show posts. Kinda forgot to post them for awhile. This show is from July 2nd.

A long show, we talked about:

  • Matt is collecting comic books again;
  • How WE would have done Ghostbusters;
  • Musicals (Little Shop of Horrors, Cats and Phantom of the Opera);
  • Mr. P’s time in Drum Corps;
  • Kenny G wasn’t always the textbook definition of a sell-out;
  • People don’t want to hear old bands new stuff;
  • Best 100 Rock Bands of all time.

Don’t forget, we can be heard LIVE on themixx.fm (talk) Saturdays at 5pm CT

Episode 40 – Gersh Kuntzman Cries During Sex

This is a special crossover show with Uniformed Ops. Matt couldn’t make it for the next couple weeks, so we invited Neil to join Frank and Pete, and we talked a lot about guns.  Frank tries to dispel some myths about so-called “assault rifles,” and he also puts forth what he thinks would be ACTUAL common-sense law changes to assist in the mass shooter problem (and yes, it is a mass shooter problem, not a gun problem).

After that, we loosen up a little, and talk about Brexit, and how people are over blowing it a little.

We closed by going BACK to the AR-15, and an article posted by Gersh Kuntzman of the New York Daily News, and how he claims to have suffered PTSD from firing an AR-15.


Episode 38 – Mr. P 2016!

That’s right… with it looking like its going to be a Clinton/Trump presidential election… Mr. P announces he can’t wait until 2020. We are going to mount a write in campaign for THIS year. We talk about a few things before that… but the last half of the show are about positions and stuff.

Feel free to hit us up at RadioFUBAR on twitter… or RadioFUBAR on facebook, and ask questions for us to answer about my positions on things.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Episode 37 – The Proper One

Sorry everyone… I screwed up and posted another podcast I do (Uniformed Opinions) here, instead of RadioFUBAR.  It’s a good show… you should check it out as well. 🙂

This week Matt, Pete and Mr. P talked about:

  • Mr. P’s new student quitting
  • Matt starts a crapstorm on facebook
  • All of the current Presidential candidates suck
  • Mr. P 2020

Yup… you read that last part right… Mr. P announces his candidacy for the Presidential election in 2020.

Episode 36 – New Students and Wraslin’

That’s right, we talk about Mr. P having a new student in the truck, wrestling, and much much more.

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