Episode 46 – Live from the Morgue

We talked about the olympics, and how bad Suicide Squad really was. Then we were joined by the host of the Live from the Morgue podcast for the second half.

You can hear Live from the Morgue Fridays 8pm-Midnight on themixx.fm

You can hear RadioFUBAR LIVE Saturday’s 6-10pm on themixx.fm

Episode 45 – Captain Kahn vs Donald Trump

We start out by talking about the Kahn family, and Donald Trump.  Then we go into the 11 stupidest things Donald Trump has ever said (don’t worry… we’ll get to Hillary Clinton next week). From there, we just moved on to wherever the mood desired.

After the live portion was over, we continued to talk about different things, including why the DCCU sucks, can it be fixed, and is Marvel eventually going to screw up.

Episode 43 – Top Secret, SPP

The information on this podcast is classified Top Secret, Special Poscast Program by the Federal Bureau of Podcasts.

Only those persons authorized by the F.B.P. may listen to this podcast.

Listening to this podcast by unauthorized persons is punishable by having actually listened to this podcast.

Episode 42 – More Catching Up

Just a little more house cleaning. This episode is from July 16th, 2016.

We talked about:

  • Pokemon Go;
  • Restarting the Radio Station;
  • Old bits from RadioFUBAR, The Station, Days;
  • Unfit For FM;
  • Ghostbusters sucks, but we can’t say it sucks;
  • Spaceballs 2;
  • History of the World, Part 2;
  • Monty Python