MovieFUBAR Episode 2

This episode of MovieFUBAR is Johnny Dangerously (did you know your name is an adverb?)

Play our audio (when I say go) while you watch the show, and have fun.

This movie is on Netflix.

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MovieFUBAR Episode 1 – Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie

We’ve decided to do a movie “commentary” show. We’re going to do any and all kinds of movies, not just bad ones.

We decided to start out with “Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie” mainly because none of us had seen it, and we were drunk.

It’s on Netflix, so give it a shot, and listen to us having fun while you’re watching it.

Episode 22 OVERTIME – MASSIVE Episode 7 Spoilers!

You are hereby warned… this overtime episode contains MASSIVE Star Wars Episode 7 spoilers.  If you haven’t seen it, but still choose to listen, it’s your own danged fault.

Episode 22 – Rhonda from Game on Girl

No Regina this week, but we had an excellent time with Rhonda from Game on Girl.  You can find their monthly LIVE google hangout show at